Corporate Social
Innovating with Tech, Designing for Good
Style3D is committed to "Innovating with Tech, Designing for Good" as its guiding principle for corporate social responsibility. Rooted in our products and technology, we strive to strike a balance between commercial success and social betterment.
— Eric Liu, Founder and CEO of Style3D
"I firmly believe that the future lies in digital transformation. Our mission is to deliver essential technology, on par with industry leaders, to boost the efficiency of the textile and apparel sector. Through these core technologies, we aim to optimize the interests of businesses, individual consumers, and society, driving innovation across the entire industry."
— Eric Liu, Founder and CEO of Style3D
Pioneering 3D Digitalization, Enabling Sustainable Fashion
Style3D is committed to the digitalization of the fashion industry, in line with a global strategy for sustainable development. Leveraging industry-leading simulation technology, we enhance cost-efficiency while reducing the waste associated with physical garment samples.
Environmental Sustainability
Style3D is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in fashion design and development, facilitating interactive engagement and presentation. Our transition from physical to digital samples significantly reduces material waste in the developmental process. Together with our clients, we are dedicated to advancing environmentally friendly and sustainable practices within the industry.
Industrial Sustainability
Utilizing industry-leading technology, Style3D drives the digital transformation of the fashion value chain, resulting in enhanced development efficiency and a more sustainable fashion industry. Moreover, digital assets bolster the protection of intellectual property rights for original designs, contributing to the creation of a fair, equitable, and standardized industrial ecosystem that embodies sustainability and vitality.
Corporate Sustainability
Style3D's digital design and development approach helps businesses reduce costs, enhance efficiency, alleviate inventory pressures, and adapt more effectively to market trends. Through the establishment of an agile and responsive supply chain, we drive sustainable business growth.
Our commitment: An inclusive, diverse and vibrant work culture
At Linctex, we cultivate a work culture that's both inclusive and diverse. It's a place
where employees naturally grow and make meaningful contributions to society.
Gender Inclusivity
Currently, 40% of our talented workforce comprises women, with 30% in leadership positions. Additionally, we are proud to have a diverse team that includes members of the LGBT+ community.

At Style3D, we uphold a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and harassment. For us, these principles are not mere checkboxes for compliance; they are foundational elements of a culture that places respect and dignity above all else.
Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging
We believe that innovation thrives in a culture of inclusivity. We craft an environment where everyone, irrespective of their background, finds a space to flourish. Equal opportunity isn't a catchphrase here; it's engineered into the very fabric of our work life.
Educating the Next Generation of Fashion Professionals
We share our knowledge and expertise with more than 100 schools and universities all over the world by providing software licenses and training to students, and serve as a platform showcasing emerging creative talent to industry professionals.