No need for physical samples, easily use 3D virtual clothing to styling
Style3D MixMatch
Infinite styling, unleash your creativity
With the help of our self-developed simulation engine, you can easily create fashion outfits of various styles, layers, and ways of dressing.
Changing layersAdjusting styles
Style3D MixMatch
Massive resources, display as you wish
We equipped various types of models, accessories, poses, scenes, and other resources for your free choice.
Style3D MixMatch
Multiple modes of adaptation, extending application scenarios
PC mode, mobile mode, big screen mode, vertical screen mode, etc., to adapt to your diverse application scenarios.
Vertical Screen Mode
Elevated visual effects
Live experience interaction upgrade
Mobile End
Styling & try on effects are readily available
Get outfit and size recommendations
Style3D MixMatch
Product advantages
No need for physical samples
You can start styling without waiting for physical samples.
Flexible and Efficient
Fast outfit styling, an average of 30 sets of clothing matches can be completed in 10 minutes.
Lower cost
0 model fees, 0 venue fees.
Simple operation
No 3D basic knowledge required, get started in 3 minutes.
Style3D MixMatch
Application Scenario
Design R&D
Enables fashion designers to output high-quality matching solutions efficiently.
Ordering Meeting
Enhance on-site interaction, bringing new traffic and orders.
Guidance for Store Styling
Empower stylists and display stylists to efficiently output styling solutions, providing more styling guide information for stores.
E-commerce shooting
Prepare for shooting styling solutions in advance.